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Introduction to Titanium Carbide TiC Powder

The Introduction of Titanium Carbide TiC Powder

Titanium carbide or TiC is a well-known transition metal carbide having a NaCl type Cubic crystal structure. high melting point, high hardness with a high Young's modus, excellent Chemical stability, Wear resistance and corrosion resistance as well as good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications as well as a lot of potential for cutting tools and aerospace components, anti-wear coatings, foam and infrared radiation materials.

Application of Titanium Carbide TiC Powder

1. The multiphase materials are used to make different materials

Titanium carbide Ceramics are part of super hard tool materials, TiC and TiN, WC, and A12O and other raw materials made of a variety of multiphase ceramics These materials feature a higher melting point as well as high hardness, excellent chemical stability, is the most popular material for cutting tools, wear-resistant products and also they possess excellent electrical conductivity and are the most popular material for electrodes.

Cutting tool material: Due to the percentage of TiC dispersion of hard particles in the matrix, the cutting tools made of composites not only help to increase the strength as well, but also, to a degree, increase crack toughness, which is greater than the natural tool cutting. Cutting performance is a lot. A12o3-tic system ceramics may also be used as armor materials. as a tool material the toughness is more than (C, N) and Ti(C N, C) due to N. To allow it to be used on steel and other cutting materials, the friction coefficient greatly reduced. Many advantages are associated with cutting. By combining the advantages of Ti and (C N, C) to form multiphase ceramics, it is a promising tools material can also be prepared.

2. They are also used for coatings.

Diamond coating: This production technique used to make diamond tools is most often the powder metallurgy impregnation method. Because of the large interaction energy between diamonds and generally-used metal or alloy, the diamond's surface is not infiltrated by metal or alloy that has a low melting point which is why its bond performance is poor. In recent years, many researchers have conducted a variety in research that has helped improve the bond strength between diamond and the metal matrix. The method that is active is the most widely used technique, which involves adding tiny amounts of titanium to strengthen the bond between metal and chromium, vanadium, and other active elements, as well as tools in the liquid phase sintering, the active metal is high carbon compounds are the basis of elements and the diamond affinity is high, which enables the enrichment of diamond surface in order to create the metallurgical connection of metal bond and diamond. But, the strength of the interface is affected by the amount of active metal, the sintering temperature along with other parameters, and requires removal of the binder to realize the enrichment of active metal in the direction of the interface as this technique is not suitable for the hot pressing sintering of metal and diamond powder in a very short solid phase.

3. This is the method used to prepare foam ceramics

as a filtering agent, ceramics remove inclusions in all kinds of fluids The mechanism of filtration is agitation and adsorption. The filter must be chemically durability of the material particularly in the metallurgical field using a high melting filter, so this kind of material is able to be oxided generally, however, it can also be adapted to the metal filter melt, the most important goal with respect to resistance against thermal shock. Titanium carbide foam ceramics possess greater strength, harderness, electrical conductivity, along with corrosion and heat resistance as compared to oxide foams.

4. Utilized in infrared radiation materials

Titanium carbide can be described as a kind of intermetallic compounds, which have generally showed good chemical stability, no changes in valence state or valence state. The system is in the process of high-temperature removal of samples. Parts of titanium ions are prone to delay that appear, with the intention of the solid titanium ion melting into the cordierite arrangement, changing the structure. In comparison to a single component that is a single material, the radiation capability of the compound near 3tma is significantly improved, and is suitable for use in the field of high temperature.

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