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Barbed Wire Making Machine

2020-01-09 14:49


Barbed wire is a material that is used for a particular type of fencing. Barbed wire consists of a metal cable with equally spaced out sharp projections meant to serve as a deterrent to people or animals. Barbed wire is used for protection such as in a fence for a playground, for feeding livestock, or even being served as a national border. Barbed wire can also be used as a defense mechanism for protecting border, private homes, and animals. This wire can be made in multiple ways, by hand or by an automated machine.

The most popular and efficient way to make barbed wire is with a barbed wire making machine. This machine exclusively produces barbed wire. A barbed wire making machine is a single, automated machine that will perform all the necessary steps to transform wire into barbed wire. The wire used in a barbed wire making machine is a special wire that is typically galvanized. Galvanized means that the wire is coated in zinc in order to protect the wire from any corrosion. In order for the wire to be properly galvanized, the wire must remain dry and perfectly clean. After one has galvanized wire, the actual barbed wire machine making process can begin.

The machine works by having a cable that typically consists of two wires twisting around each other. The two wires are fed into the machine, and just don't twist for looks, but twist specifically to form the cable. The twisting is done in order to add strength, and to allow the cable to expand and then contract with the temperature changes without breaking. The sharp points of the fencing are called barbs. Barbs usually consist of short pieces of twisted wire. The wire is twisted around one or both of the wires on the cable. The wire is then cut at an angle on both sides in order to form the two pointed barb. This creates a sharp point, and deterrent on the fence. Sometimes, a four pointed bard is needed. This occurs by twisting and cutting two extra wires. One can specify on the machine if two or four point barbs are needed for the project.

Finally, the finished barbed wire is wound tightly onto spools after the barbed wire making machine has finished its creation. The wire is cut into 402 meter lengths on average, before the spools are then loaded up onto trucks and can be shipped to private or public customers. Customers from around the globe have been using barbed wire for decades. Your own barbed wire making machine can be purchased by multiple retailers around the world. The machine is easy to learn to use, and can be utilized by a single person. The machine is meant to take a lot of strain, and can be run 24/7. Barbed wire making machines have made life for ranchers, private homeowners, wildlife sanctuaries wanting to protect land, and the government creating borders around private territories a lot easier than having to hand make the wire or purchase handmade wire locally.